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Don't Forget City Taxes

One of the most common errors I see from new clients is that they have not filed a local/city tax return. In Ohio, most residents are required to file a local tax return and pay local income taxes. If you live in a village, city, or JEDD this applies to you. There are certain exceptions if you are retired or not working. However, you may still need to file an exemption form. Ignoring the requirement to file local taxes will not help it go away. Cities will add hefty failure to file penalties with interest. I can help avoid this. In Ohio, you pay taxes where you work and file taxes where you live. If you have moved in a tax year, you may have to file 2 or more local tax returns. If you live in a township, you may not have to file a local tax return. Many do-it-yourself tax software systems do not file your city tax return. Also, it is become more common that Ohio school district how have an income tax. This is filed as part of the State of Ohio tax return. If you are unsure if you need to file a local income tax year, I can look up your address and advise you. Feel free to give me a call and we can discuss how I can help you.


Tom Reynolds, MBA, EA, CMA

Managing Director and Tax Accountant

T. Reynolds Enterprises, LLC


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